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I started going to Klink Chiropractic when I was about 32 weeks pregnant due to bad sacrum/pelvic/hip pain. Dr. Elle’s weekly adjustments saved me from that and allowed me to have a very comfortable 3rd trimester. I also believe my weekly adjustments with Dr. Elle really helped baby get in to a good birthing position, making my active labor WAY shorter than my first time around. Kaitlyn and Dr. Elle are absolutely amazing and I couldn’t recommend Klink Chiropractic enough!

Rachel I.

Such great, honest care. Whole family sees her once a week. Our little man has been getting adjusted since being a newborn. I’ve suffered lower back pain from the Marine Corps and since seeing Dr. Elle, I have yet to have a flare up which used to happen once a month where I could hardly put my socks on from intense pain. I am so relieved my family’s path has crossed Dr. Elle’s as it’s been nothing but excellent care since. Highly recommend for the whole family!

Brayton R.

I stumbled across Klink Chiropractic’s Instagram page while I was searching for a prenatal chiropractor. Dr. Elle shares all of the wonderful benefits of being adjusted throughout pregnancy (and after) on their Instagram, and in person. I don’t regret my decision to go for one second! I plan to take my baby to see her for pediatric adjustments as well. My favorite days of the week are the days I come here! Always 10/10

Cassie J.

Dr. Elle & Kaitlyn are the best! It feels like home when you walk in the office. Very Personable. Dr. Elle is very knowledgeable when coming in with different ailments even newborns!! We go their with our family of 5 and have recommended her to several families and will continue too!!

Daniel C.

Where do I begin?! Not only is Dr. Elle is so smart and talented at her job, but she is the kindest person inside and out. I have dealt with lower back pain for over 6 years and Dr. Elle was able to provide the right treatment I have been needing. She is so knowledgeable and really cares about your well being and healing EVERY part of the body. I am now pain free! THANK YOU!

McKenna M.

Been going to Elle for years now. She saved me during 2 pregnancies, adjusts my 3 kids, and myself. Elle is beyond amazing. She takes her time, is very thorough with communication, and truly great with all ages. Need a chiro that is Webster certified and simply amazing? She is absolutely your gal! We appreciate you!

Jolene K.

Dr. Elle is such a blessing to me and everyone around her! She has the gift of "adjusting" not only your body, but your soul too! In just a short time, she can make you feel like a new person. I personally have not had any pain that has caused me to visit her office, but you truly don't know how amazing you should be feeling day to day until you leave freshly adjusted. I can go on and on about the benefits of her chiropractic care, but just do yourself a favor and see her for yourself. I promise you won't regret it!v

Blaine M.

Where do I begin. Dr. Elle is phenomenal. I HIGHLY recommend. I started seeing her at the beginning of my pregnancy. I swear she made it possible for me to continue working out during my whole pregnancy all the way to the day before giving birth, the one who helped make my labor and deliver go so quick. My whole family loves our weekly visit at Dr. Elles!

Casi E.

Dr. Elle treats my entire family! She is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and supportive. She goes above and beyond to meet each of our individual needs. She has helped me through my pregnancy and has been a life saver. I suffer from carpal tunnel and all the other joys with pregnancy. With her knowledge and magical hands she has relieved my carpal tunnel and I’m able to sleep these last weeks before baby comes! She has supported my husband with joint problems and headaches. She has helped my 21 month old son with constipation and getting him aligned with all his crazy antics that a 21 month old has. Overall, we cannot say enough about Dr. Elle.

Michelle D.

My family and I adore Dr.Elle. She treats all of us from my 5 year old to 14 month old. She has on more than one occasion relieved me from unbearable pregnancy pain. She is very kind, and I love that she explains why the body is doing what it’s doing! I cannot give her enough accolades or praise! I highly recommend her to ALL!
Important side note- she is also very kind and patient with my kiddos which warms my heart!

Jayme S.

Dr. Elle & Kaitlyn are a great team. They create such a welcoming environment with their bright smiles & engaging personalities. On top of that, Dr. Elle is great at listening, clarifying understanding, & explaining why she’s selecting a particular treatment method or process. I will be back many times!

Taylor M.

First off let me tell you this is coming from a guy with a construction background and a lot of other physical labor activities. I’ve had broken bones and a fractured neck. Numerous car wrecks, I could go on and on. I currently still have two pinched nerves and a slipped disc. Needless to say I do have a ton of pain, tingling, and numbness from my head all the way down to my feet. The pain even goes through my arms into my hands and just about everywhere. Dr. Elle has done so much for me that I can’t thank her enough. She goes above and beyond well what I believe anyone would have for expectations of a chiropractor. Dr. Elle really does have your best interest in mind and wants to make you as healthy as you possibly can be and I truly believe that. She’s also great with kids, my six-year-old son goes there and loves it! My fiancé goes there and loves it just as much. I know for a fact, had I not been going to see Dr. Elle that I would be out of commission and hardly be able to get out of bed. So do yourself a favor and get in there yesterday! I also forgot to mention that her office and her staff are also great! It’s such a relaxing environment and you just feel better about yourself physically, mentally and about life when you leave her office.

Josh G.

Dr. Elle is the most amazing chiropractor in Omaha! My little family of three loves to visit her each week! She is so kind and gentle, and is wonderful with children. I struggle with digestion and after seeing her, my body feels so much better and rejuvenated. Do yourself a favor and go visit Dr. Elle! She’s wonderful and we are blessed with the best.

Brea G.

I fell on my neck wrong and Elle fit me in and fixed it instantly the next day. I continued seeing her until my back was realigned. My husband decided to do the same. We both have desk jobs and after seeing Dr. Elle, we felt so good. Random back aches throughout the day were no longer a thing. Now if I even have a minor back ache, I jokingly (sometimes seriously) say, “I NEED TO GO SEE DR. ELLE!” Not only is she good at her skill, but she has also created a comfortable and calming practice for her patients.

Tiffany M.

Dr. Elle is absolutely Amazing! My family was In a rear end collision back in March on our vacation to AZ. I was referred to Dr. Elle by my friend Vicki. My daughter's and I got treatment for a couple months and looked forward to our appointments. We all suffered from whip lash and back issues. Dr. Elle, was so kind, passionate about healing and makes you feel so comfortable. We highly recommend her!!!

Jen K.

Dr Elle gives a great deal of respect to her patients by intently listening. I do feel she has a special knowledge &talent in the way she adjusts with gentleness NOT aggressiveness.

Barb K.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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